• The Dream Lives Here!

    We are creating a bridge to hoop dreams and you are invited.


    With a population of 40 million Canadians, we have an economic and infrastructure gold mine for elite players basketball growth. Currently there are only 20-30 Canadians playing professionally in Canada.


    With more than 100+ elite teams and organizations in the GTHA area alone, there is plenty of opportunity for establishing a top talent bridge platform where they, top basketball organizations and players, can compete against each other. Creating increased level of competition on and off the court will benefit both players and organizations, and most importantly create the sustainable solution for nationwide Canadian basketball growth .


    With the amount of basketball enthusiast and player talent there is no doubt that there is more room for Premier Basketball Association. Support the vision, and join us in building the bridge2pro.


    The Dream Lives Here!


    Premier Basketball Association of Canada


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    Establishing an alliance between organizations dedicated to developing basketball in Canada. Develop the platform that will promote elite players while nurturing growth within each participating organization.


    To become a high quality platform for premier competition year round, that will serve as a bridge to exclusive basketball opportunities and local entertainment.

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    The Journey Begins - Lord of the Basketballs

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    Play hard, Support Hard! Do you want to be a part of PBA team? We are all over the GTAH --- your skills and enthusiasm will fit great even if you are outside ONTARIO. Click here. 



    Each team has a league designated gym that can host up to 200-1000+ fans. All locations have parking available as well as access to the public transportation.

    This is GTAH based start-up including teams based in: Mississauga,

    Hamilton,Scarborough, Toronto, York. 


    This "bridge2pro" is funded by Canadian basketball fans, players, and businesses that either co-own the team by sponsoring or purchasing game tickets and merchandise.  Have a business and want to be recognized as a basketball developer get in touch with PBA today.

    I have a dream.

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    Contact you organization to make sure they are PBA member. If you are not part of any organization fill our FORM and we will help you choose best fitting league and tryouts.Then its up to you to prove that you are ready for the next level.

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    We will keep you updated with our journey of building bridge for Canadian talent

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    SmileWork Basketball take another PROAM championship!! 


    Congrats to SWB on wining back to back PROAM competition.  It is with great joy to announce this as SWB has been very committed to develop bridge2PRO and this deserved reward.

    International Game

    PBA All Stars vs Mexico



    After playing the game vs national team of Brazil, we were happy to create another relationship with National team of Mexico.

    Game enabled another set of Canadian PRO and Premier players to experience top level competition.

    We were fortunate enough to have NBA star on our team. James Johnson got a great workout and made event even more spectacular.

    International Game

    PBA All Stars vs Brazil


    We are humbled to be recognized as a leader in enabling development of Canadian basketball and suggested to gather top Canadian promising talent in order to match up against one of the contender for PanAm medal, national team of Brazil.


  • Working Together towards Common Goal. WE the Canada!

    "Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken.

    Same applies to people.
    There is strength in union." The story of the Brothers

    "It will not be easy road to take on, but with the backing of Canadian basketball sponsors, general public we will be contributing to development of Canadian Basketball on Provincial and National Level. Work together and make the dream come true, within Canada"

    From this point on everything else is a history, that you could be a part of.


    Support the VISION and get a SEASON PASS tickets and receive special perks such as team bench seats upgrade, signed team jersey,  signed team picture, and more....

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