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Good deeds only bring good outcomes....

Can a good deed cause you a SetBack ?
I always thought that developing basketball is reflected by the amount of  players that reach professional rank.  I would agree that developing basketball could be achieved with number of basketball participants but that would be a long term professional shot. More people would eventually get their kids into basketball and in 20 years we can potentially  see father living his dream through his son...
Why wait though?!! If you are remotely close to this professional dream of yours should you not be wanting the opportunity to get better and closer to becoming a pro? At least I am asking you that question. Unfortunately not many other organizations will ask this question. You should request this, you are the customer and you should request the service you need, not only whats on the menu. The more you ask the higher chances they would have to act on it. They don't want to lose their customer to another organization just because they don't want to play with the others (cross league competition).
It turns that some organization are content in keeping players in the "happy bubble". Its a "good business decision" for them as they retain customer for many years, they tickle their ego with cool social media coverage and stats that in some cases looks better than some PRO leagues around the world. If you have low self-esteem and need some time to bounce back to yourself, sure. This therapy should not be a long term one.
After inviting number of leagues to just have a friendly discussion on what can be done to elevate the level, few decided its not their thing.  The major setback was the business fear of losing what they have done so far.... Natural first thought process I must agree.
Its easy for me to see only positive things for players and how this would help them, but I need to have better clarity with owners that everything will be just ALL RIGHT. 
The fear of losing revenue / players because of the new opportunity could be easily fixed with a bylaw that requires the player to be associated with the league while competing cross league.
If the player does indeed leave because he just scored the PRO contract, then it becomes a GREAT news and it will serve as an advertising to the team that developed/enabled him. 
Is it a SETBACK or is it a WIN WIN situation ?
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