We are happy to announce SMBL, the 3rd organization to join the PBA Canada family!! 
During our research we were suprised to see how many great pro players went through the highly competitive platform that SMBL has built.
The Somali Mens’ Basketball League (also known as SMBL) was created in 2010 originally with a vision of providing a place where Somali youth, young and old, from the Etobicoke area could get together on a regular basis and create brotherhood through playing organized basketball.
Today the league has expanded to include players from diverse cultures and backgrounds from various communities in Toronto and the GTA. What once started as recreation, quickly evolved into competitive and organized basketball games. It is managed professionally by dedicated individuals who have love for the sport of basketball. 
SMBL has commited in building a BRIDGE2PRO platform with PBA and growing list of Partners.
To learn more about SMBL visit their site at http://www.torontosmbl.com
Follow them @TorontoSMBL
Premier Basketball Association is a vision of developing PRO CANADIAN basketball in Canada!
The Dream Lives Here! 
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